All Aboard

Leicester square Theatre
09:30 pm - 11:00 pm
All Aboard
03 Nov
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With more then 20 years of TV experience and over 700 episodes of sitcom and comedy drama as a writer / actor / producer, Titus is already a professional and an icon on the Romanian entertainment market and he moved to London to share his talent and skills, to our fun and delight.�All Aboard is a musical comedy show taking clasical stand up to a next level. A knock-about combination of jokes, funny songs with live piano, stories of life poured into the churn of comedy, ground up and served hot, with mirth aside.
Italian, Catholic and Hypochondriac, as well as the winner of So You Think You’re Funny competition in Edinburgh 2015, Luca joins the show to add some salt and peper to the taste and pump up the energy in the room.
Radu started comedy in 2006 in Bucharest and was known as Romania’s comedian’s comedian. In 2015, he moved to London to be known as an open mic comedian. After about 2 years, ten competition finals and three BBC appearances, Radu is proud to call himself the poorest professional comic on the UK circuit.